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Write an essay of approximately 800(max) words on neatly ruled paper, in a Scanned and clear readable format. Submit the same by email to wilsonasshurbcs@gmail.com latest by the 4th May 2020. Entries from boys of classes IX and above are welcome.

  1. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Summary, Conspirators, Motives, Consequences, Impact on the American politics and Reaction of the World.


  1. Organized Crime in American Society (1920s): Summary, Rise of the Mafia, Prohibition, The FBI, Gangsters, Effects on the layman.


  1. The War in Vietnam: Summary, Ethics and Morals, Causes, Consequences, Affects, Causalities.


  1. The Idea of Communism and its influence on the world


  1. The political power of The Pope in the Middle Ages.


Note: Marking will be based on the presentation of the essay. Marks will be deducted if the content is found to be copied.

The essay needs to be self written and the hard copy needs to be deposited when school reopens.


Asshur Wilson