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Udit’s BCS journey, as he leaves school a topper

“I can say that I entered the school with a heavy bag and I walked out with a heavy heart.”

Udit Jain’s emotional farewell after leaving Class XII top of the year, with his ISC board exams 96%.

Somewhere between “I don’t know how I am going to spend nine long years in the school, away from home” and “I don’t know where I spent these shortest years of my life” my school life came to an end.

These nine years at BCS, as a Cottonian, have been the best years of my life. I have laughed, cried, anticipated, learnt and admired.

Spot little Udit Jain in Class 4, just above the teacher to the right

I have met new people who became family, fought with some along the way, and then again got together with many smiling faces.

Sometimes I can’t let go of memories because they are constant reminders of a great story that I never expected to end. These years were so precious that their preciousness and dearness in my life cannot be expressed.

People here changed my life so much that I would not have chosen a better path of destiny for myself.

Unfortunately, School life or rather the Cottonian life has come to an end but the memories which I have made in the school will stay forever in my heart.

Udit Jain receives his Full School Blazer on Speech Day 2021

I have made memories for a lifetime with people I will never forget. Probably now I can understand what my seniors used to say, “no matter how much you don’t like the school right now but once you leave you will miss this place the most” and now I can feel it. 

I also offer an apology to those whom I’ve hurt unexpectedly in these nine years. The end of lectures, preps and assignments, vivas and internals, marks, bunks, gossips, moments at Chipu’s, chants at the fountain, exams, movies in the common room, early morning games and most important a wonderful extended family.  I will miss this all.

Rivaz House Seniors 2019 – Udit seated on the right, front row

Also, the debates, their preparations, the special dinners, the cheering during the Bishop George tournament or Goldstein Tournament and I can go on…

All of them are just emotions to be felt and memories to be cherished forever.

Upper sixth form 2021 – Udit second on the left seated, with Mr Kukreti, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

On my first day when I entered the school feeling very shy to meet strangers who turned into families – the irony being me not knowing when the strangers turned into family and finally passing out from the school. 

I can say that I entered the school with a heavy bag and I walked out with a heavy heart.

Batch mates 2021

During my journey, the school has helped me grow in every field by providing me with the holistic education required for the all-around development of an individual.

The school has imbibed in me its seven principles of being principled, connected, resilient, motivated, curious, reflective, and creative. 

Having thrived in every aspect of my school career, I look forward to meeting the challenge

of university life.

Leavers Dinner batch of 2021

Coming from a business family, I have seen financial discussions and decisions take place 

amongst my elders which are quite challenging and keep me invigorated.

Therefore, I want to pursue a study in Accounting and Finance domains of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. 

Vive La BCS!

Written by Udit Jain batch of 2021

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  1. Richa

    Congratulations dear. Best wishes for your future endeavors.God bless you.
    You have made us proud. Keep up the good work.

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