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BCS Sustainability Superheroes workshop

This weekend senior Cottonians were called ‘sustainability superheroes’ of the future when they attended an interesting and interactive workshop held by Ms Subuhi Safvi on climate change and planet sustainability.

As part of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) program at LOHUM, Subuhi Safvi conducted a workshop on Climate Change for the students of Bishop Cotton School on 10th March. She began the workshop with an energised game to get them ready for the topic, they were asked to mimic the sounds their favourite animal makes. An important aspect of climate change and sustainability is being aware of diverse ecosystems and the impact our action have on biodiversity.

The objective with such workshops is to keep them interactive and activity based as that encourages and maintains the students interest. As a further incentive she also offered chocolates to the students who gave the correct answers for the questions asked.
*What do you know about sustainability?, *What do you know about climate change ?
*How can you help with sustainability?, *How does climate change affect us and how can we stop or control climate change?

From Subuhi Safvi
“ I was very impressed with their knowledge and their enthusiastic responses. We talked about the difference between climate and weather, how our actions impact climate and the steps they can take to reduce their carbon footprint. An essential element in our workshops is ensuring we equip and empower these children with knowledge and actions they can take in their own lives to create a change to the status quo.”

“Cottonians / students are the future of not only our country but the world, many will go onto positions of power where their voice matters. It is important to that those voices are inclusive and aware of different perspectives. “

To elaborate on this : the students played a game that was intended to highlight the unequal impact of climate change on people on our planet. At the end of the day, these children are the ones that will live on the planet, our hope is that they understand it is not just their home but that they share it with other life forms and their lives will impact the lives of their children and theirs after them.
The students as Sustainability Superheroes will inspire others to take up the cause and create a more sustainable world for all.

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