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Slater Debates 2022 concludes

Kolkata Girls team win the Slater trophy

Congratulations to La Martiniere Girls, Kolkata for their win at last night’s final of the 2022 Slater Debates. Celebrating the 25th year of the Memorial Slater Debates the trophy was a close call up against local Shimla team Convent of Jesus and Mary. The five day contest concluded where 31 schools from across India held over 55 debates with over 150 participating students and their teachers staying on the campus in Shimla. Thank you goes to our chief guest Juniad Azim Mattu, the Mayor of Srinagar, an Old Cottonian, for his inspiring speech and for giving out the prizes and awards to the many talented students.

Bishop Cotton School (BCS), Shimla hosted its Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Revd. Dr. Samuel Slater Memorial English Debates which started in 1996. The Slater debating contest was set up in memory of the very first Headmaster of the legendary boarding school, Revd. Dr. Samuel Slater. 

The prestigious competition has grown over the years and attracts participants from some of India’s most renowned educational institutions like the Doon School, Dehradun, Woodstock School, La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata, Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata, etc. This year Bishop Cotton School hosted 31 participating schools on the campus to celebrate its 25th edition of the Inter-school competition in a four-day event that started on 17th October 2022.

The competition having held a total of fifty-five debates with a participation of more than a hundred students from across the country proved to be a mesmerizing one. These students during the course of this four-day event, made a life long mesmerizing bond among themselves and we quote them “We might not be able to take the winning trophy along with us but the bonds we make and the stories we share are what carry actual meaning”.

The debates were not the only ones that contributed towards these bonds, but the time spent murmuring in the guest lectures, chatting in the dining hall, playing around in the dormitories and discussing about during the preparation sessions contributed to the actual idea that was upheld since the dawn of Slater Debates.

The finalist for the tournament were La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata and Convent of Jesus & Mary, Shimla.

La Martniere for girls, Kolkata won the tournament.

The Chief Guest of the evening was Mr. Junaid Azim Mattu, currently the Mayor of Srinagar.

The twenty fifth edition of the Slater Debates concluded with fond memories which will cherish for years to come.

Kolkata team La Martinere Girls win the Slater Debates 2022 trophy together with our OC Chief Guest Mr Juniad Azim Mattu (*Mayor of Srinagar) and the BCS Director Mr Simon Weale

The final debate in the Irwin Hall saw two teams debating the subject: ‘Higher Income Taxes Solve Economic and Social Problems’.

For the motion was local team: Convent of Jesus and Mary, Shimla – Against the motion was: La Martiniere Girls, from Kolkata

(NB: The whole event was filmed live on Facebook and you can watch it if you missed – including the guest speaker’s inspiring speech is on this link from our BCS Facebook page:

The two final teams in the Slater Debate battle it out – Convent of Jesus and Mary v La Martinere Girls, Kolkata
Old Cottonians Col R Dewan and author Raaja Bhasin
Chief Guest the Mayor of Srinagar and Old Cottonian Juniad Azim Mattu with family join teachers on the first flat

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