It was a fateful day in 1994 when Mr. Giri, an International Judge & National Coach approached the then Headmaster, Mr. Kabir Mustafi with a proposal to start shooting as a regular sport in the school. The proposal was considered and Col. R. Diwan, the then bursar also played an important role in constructing an  Indoor Shooting Range in the school. It was initially started as a small project with a small range of 5 points. 5 riffles were purchased to start the training of boys. The “B.C.S. Rifle Club” was started in 1995 with 14 Boys and was officially inaugurated by Honb’le Shri Sudhakar Rao Naik, the then Governer of Himachal Pradesh.

Our boys picked up this sport very enthusiastically and with the sincere efforts of Mr. P.C. Giri, our coach. The result started coming at the District and State level competitions within a year.
Then in 1997 our school shooting team participated in the 1st All India Shooting Championship held at Haridwar organized by The National Rifle Association of India. This was our 1st All India level competition and our team won 3rd place with 3 Bronze Medals.
It was a shot in the arm for our shooting sport.
Encouraged by the result, the school acquired better Rifles & Air Pistols and the number of Boys taking part in this sport also increased to more than 60.
B.C.S. offered The National Rifle Association of India to conduct The 2nd All India Interschool Shooting  in 1998. It was readily accepted after taking into consideration the infrastructure and facility in the school. The competition was a grand success. More than 40 schools from all over India participated in this competition & there were more than 450 Participants. It is still remembered for the better catering provided to the participants. It was all due to the utmost co-operation of the school staff.
After that we have never looked back. Every year we have winning medals and positions at the State and National levels. Our shooters are No.1 in the H.P. State and also Gold Medals winner at the All India level.

Our coach, Mr. P. C. Giri, is taking all pains and making all possible efforts to help the B.C.S. Shooting climbs through the ladder of glory step by step every year. We wish him and his team all success in future.