Lefroy House


Mr. Rohit Vyas

During the early days of the school, the House system and organized games were not fully developed. The four large dormitories which now represent the house dormitories were known by numbers (1,2,3,4). It was in 1906 that the dormitories were changed to House dormitories.

The name and the colors were chosen by Mr. G.S. Stokes, B.A., Senior Assistant Master.

The House system was finally refined and developed by Mr. F.R.Gillespie, the Head from 1919 to 1922. The names of the Houses were chosen to represent the Viceroy, the Governor of undivided Punjab and the Bishop of Lahore, all of whom were of immense help after the fire in 1905.

Lefroy was the first House created in 1906 after the name of Rt. Rev.George A.A. Lefroy, third Bishop of Lahore.