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Jubilee celebrations for Slater Debates 2022

15th October 2022 Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Bishop Cotton School (BCS), Shimla is preparing to host its Jubilee celebrations of the Rev Dr Samuel Slater Memorial English Debates which started in 1996.  The Slater debating contest was set up in memory of the first Head of the legendary boarding school, Rev Dr Samuel Slater, who was Headmaster from 1863-1885. 

Headmaster Mr M P John and the BCS Debating team with Mrs Rose Lal

The prestigious tournament has grown over the years and attracts participants from some of India’s most renowned educational institutions.  This year BCS will host 31 debating teams on the campus to celebrate 25 years of the inter-school competition in a four-day event starting on 17th October 2022.

One hundred and forty-five debating subjects will be thrashed out by some of the brightest children from classes 10 to 12 across eight venues in the school.  Subjects ranging from: ‘physical punishment by parents’, ‘sale of human organs’ and ‘nuclear war’ to the lighter subjects of: ‘video games make you smarter’ and ‘Bollywood is better than Hollywood’ and ‘social media is making us less social’.

Bishop Cotton School’s Director, Mr Simon Weale, said; “This event brings together and celebrates some of the best young minds in India today. The Slater debates embrace the view that life is about learning by disagreeing, in a friendly atmosphere, and that free speech is the best way to gain new knowledge and that censorship is inimical to progress.”

The Headmaster Mr Mathew P John who was instrumental in setting up the original debates competition in 1996 said; “We’re very excited to be holding the Jubilee celebrations after a Covid break.  The debating tournament was inaugurated in 1996 as a platform for young men and women from across the country to interact and build lasting relationships while testing their skill and wits against each other.  We’re looking forward to some very interesting debates from some talented students.”

The event is aimed at providing a significant training ground for the development of communicative abilities of students and to create learning opportunities in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories.

May be an image of 2 people and people standing

Participating Schools: 1. The Doon School, Dehradun, 2. La Martiniere Boys College, Lucknow, 3. Army Public School, Delhi, 4. Woodstock School, Mussorie, 5. Lawrence School, Sanawar, 6. La Martiniere Girls, Kolkata, 7. Auckland House School, Shimla, 8. The Sri Ram School, Aravalli, 9. Welham Boys, Dehradun, 10. Loreto House, Kolkata, 11. St.Thomas Girls, Delhi, 12. Mayo College, Ajmer, 13. St Edwards School, 14. Ida Scudder, Vellore, 15. St James, Kolkata, 16. St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata, 17 Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata, 18 Royal Global School, Guwahati, 19 Tyndale Biscoe, Srinagar, 20 Mallinsons, Srinagar, 21 Auckland Boys, Shimla, 22 Convent of Jesus & Mary, Shimla, 23 Loreto Convent, Shimla, 24 Stokes Memorial School, Shimla, 25 Chalet Day ECI, Shimla, 26 Shimla Public School, 27 Chapslee, Shimla, 28 Euro School, Mumbai, 29 Durga Public School, Solan, 30 Vivek High School, Chandigarh, 31 Bishop Cotton School, Shimla – A & B Team

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