Immediate Closure of BCS

Dear Parents,

Immediate Closure of BCS

We have learned today from the State Government that all schools in Himachal Pradesh have been ordered to be closed until 31st March.  This is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As such we have no option but to close the school for teaching from Monday.

Arrangements for those taking Board Examinations

Board examinations for class X and class XII will continue as per the schedule and boys taking the exams will be able to stay at school to prepare.

Arrangements for collecting your children

There is no need to panic because your children are safe at BCS and they will be able to stay here until such time as you can safely oversee their return home. 

If that is not possible then we will look after them until the school reopens. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state yet and we have control measures in place to reduce the chance of the spread of any infection into the campus.

We are aware that for many of you the arrangements to collect your child are complicated, but you will be able to collect them from school from tomorrow morning – Sunday 15th March.  We envisage it taking several days before most children can be collected.

Protocols when you arrive

As parents will come from far and wide (and potentially from areas affected by the coronavirus) strict protocols will be enforced for collection. 

There will be a one-way road through the school.  Entry is from the main gate (Hotel East Bourne). Exit is from the Junior School.

Boys will be called from their dorms when you arrive in your car – you will be asked to stay with your cars and not be able to enter the dorms.  The boys will be bringing their books home with them so that teachers can post work for them on our website.

When you know the day and time you will be able to collect your child please let their Housemaster and Matron/Warden know the time you will collect them.   When you arrive at school to collect them the security team will phone up the dorm and the children will be called to the car.

If you want your child to return home with another family then please send authority to

Next Steps

This is a unique situation and we cannot predict what will happen next.  There is a good chance that the school will need to remain closed beyond 31st March and we will update you as soon as we have any information.

We will not be undertaking any tours and treks in April, but hope to rearrange these for later in the year.  Similarly, we hope to make up any teaching time lost within the calendar. Everything else would just be speculation at the moment.

Thank you for your continued goodwill in these matters

Simon Weale Director of BCS – 14/3/2020