The Grindlays Games Programme

Over the years the school has developed infrastructure for a number of games and sports.  Cricket, Hockey, Soccer and Swimming are played seasonally and tennis, squash, table-tennis, badminton, basket-ball, volley ball are played through the year.  Athletics, gymnastics and physical training are also popular among the boys.  Boxing and marathon running are sports which see the participation of every single medically fit boy of the school.
The school has excellent playing fields and tracks, courts, a shooting range, a gymnasium and facilities for indoor sports.  The PTIs and coaches are specialists and national-level players who supervise, coach and train the boys for excellence and guide them to triumphs at tournaments.
Each sporting season culminates with an inter-house and then an inter-school tournament attended by the best teams of the region.  Victorus Ludorum is awarded in most sports and Colours are awarded for achievers at the end of the year.  Full School Blazers and sashes are awarded to champions who display skills of  a high standard.
The programme not only develops the physical stamina, co-ordination and skills of the students but also develops team spirit, honourable sportsmanship, winning with humility and losing with dignity.