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Elocution Competition at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Excitement, nerves and remembering your lines were key as Bishop Cotton School held the Inter House Elocution finals last weekend on Sunday 8 May 2022.

72 brave Cottonians learnt their lines and stood up to recite poems and prose to the packed audiences in the Library and Litster hall. Well done to everyone who took part – it takes guts to perform.

Here are the results:

Inter-House Elocution 2022 


 Class 3Jiaan A K Chhalwani                  Curzon                 492Best Speaker 
  Leonardo E R Singh                    Ibbetson                   131Most Promising Speaker 
 Class 4     
  Devrat   Mahalawat                    Lefroy                    799Best Speaker  
  Aaryaveer S Bragta                     Rivaz                    931Most Promising Speaker  
 Class 5Arjun Mahipal                              Curzon                    363Best Speaker 
  Kushagra Agarwal                        Ibbetson                     659Best Speaker 
  Ayaan Barua                                 Lefroy                        79Most Promising Speaker 
 Class 6    
  Â Aanavya RanjanCurzonBest Speaker 
  Aarush Mehrotra LefroyMost Promising Speaker 
 Class 7Aryaveer KochharRivazBest Speaker 
  Ranveer BrarLefroyMost Promising Speaker 
 Class 8    
  Aaron Kennedy    CurzonBest Speaker 
  Samarth BansalRivazMost Promising Speaker 
 Class 9    
  Aarav WadaskarLefroyBest Speaker 
  Abhimanyu Kalita        IbbetsonMost Promising Speaker 
  Kabir MansukhaniRivazMost Promising Speaker 
 Class 10    
  Srijit HaldarIbbetsonBest Speaker 
  Harshit ChhalaniRivazBest Speaker 
  Viraaj KakkarLefroyMost Promising Speaker 
Participants for the Elocution Competition

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