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DGP Mr Sanjay Kundu, gives lessons in life to BCS students

The dancing policeman with a winning mindset.

On Wednesday 15th March 2023 Bishop Cotton School, Shimla students heard first-hand the secret of how the Director General of the Police, Himachal Pradesh starts his day. 

To get himself motivated for the challenges of running the HP Police department, Mr Sanjay Kundu revealed: “I start my day with a burst of cheesy upbeat music from the MTV channel and this sets me up for my daily schedule with a bounce in my step.  I also read plenty of books and watch classic movies to keep my mind challenged and motivated.”    

These were just some of the lessons in life that Mr Kundu shared with his transfixed audience at the heritage boarding school founded in 1859. 

As the ‘top cop’ in Himachal the DG of Police spoke of his ‘atomic habits’ that have got him where he is today – professionalism, integrity and championing gender equality and diversity.  He also mentioned that boys should be adaptable and flexible in life and to take the advice of tennis ace Rafael Nadal in living in the present and taking ‘one ball at a time’.

The students had many probing questions for Mr Kundu who has built an international reputation for progressive and effective policing.  They questioned him on corruption and other key moral and ethical issues.  Mr Kundu’s main message was always to stick to your principles and to look for the good in people.  ‘If we help out those friends who are falling through the cracks in life and get them back on track then the world will be a better place for everyone’.  

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