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Curzon House Night 2023

Saturday 18th March saw our talented Curzonians put on their House Night with the theme – the mysteries of the ‘kaalchakra’, wheel of time. The Irwin Hall was set alight by performances of drama, dance, band music and beautiful choir singing that the boys had rehearsed so hard for together with Mr Reuben John, House Master, Curzon and his team of teachers. ‘Truth always prevails’ was the message of the Hindi Play and the English play was about the ‘Devil and his dues’ paying a visit to a hardworking doctor.

This was followed by a special dinner in the decorated Dining Hall for the Curzon boys with live jazz music and a delicious menu. We welcomed our chief guest Superintendent Ilma Afroz Head of Police Disaster Management, HP who said how impressed she was by all the performances. Here are a few photos of the evening.

The trumpeters sounded the start of Curzon House night
The Hindi play

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