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Class XI’s trek to Chandranahan

How many schools have this backdrop on their doorstep? Recently some of the Class XI BCS boys were lucky enough to go on a trek, camping in the mountains to see some of the world’s most spectacular sights. Thanks to Mr Amod Talwalker and the team for taking the boys.

The trek details:

The base camp of the Chandranahan Lake trek is Janglik. The drive from Shimla takes you past Rohru, from where the road follows the blue waters of the Pabbar River. In an exquisite journey, the road climbs gracefully along the Pabbar, the scenery changing rapidly. From square wheat fields along the river and beautiful Himachali homes, you drive past pretty villages and mixed forests until till you get to the pine forests around Tangnu.The motorable road at Tikri, just after Chirgaon, turns left and becomes an absolute dirt track for the rest of the way. It takes two hours along the dirt track to get to Tangnu. At Tangnu, the dirt track drops down to the river, crosses the Pabbar and climbs to Diude in swift switchbacks. Janglik is a short walk from Diude

Collecting firewood for the campfire

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