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Bishop Cotton School – welcomes new Cottonians to Shimla

This Saturday the Heritage school welcomes new Cottonians to Shimla as they start their process to join our school. Entrance exams will be held in the school library for boys from Class 3 upwards with 9am registrations on Saturday 17th September 2022. Walk-ins welcome and we wish the boys well with your admissions tests. To register contact or call: 078077 36880

For the first time in the school’s history the entrance exams will be also held in the Indian cities of Mumbai – 1st October and Kolkata 3rd October 2022.

Our Bishop Cotton School campus is set in 35 acres of secure land surrounded by a forest. The school site was chosen by Bishop George Cotton himself as the perfect location to start a school in the mountains in 1859.

Bishop Cotton School is an institution rooted in history and tradition. Over decades, its alumni have included some of the most distinguished men in India and elsewhere. From the uniformed services to administrators, from businessmen and industrialists, to authors and actors.  

Bishop Cotton School has nurtured nascent talents and helped them come to fruition.  This is a school that provides a child with a firm foundation to look capably and confidently to a global role in the years to come

Our drone photo shows the relatively new Junior school which has classrooms in the front and the junior boarding houses above.

In the words of the school song: “And so from those who’ve gone before to those who’ve yet to come. We pass our motto loud and clear, All Evil Overcome”

Main school – Bishop Cotton School

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