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Bishop Cotton boys celebrate record Class X board results

The average score per student of 86.3% beats the highest by any batch who have sat physical exams.  Yash Bhati deserves special congratulations as the best performer with an average of 96.2%. 

The students had a particularly challenging preparation during the pandemic which led to them being used as guinea-pigs in the protracted ICSE trial of bi-furcated exams. 

BCS Director, Simon Weale, said; ‘This is a triumph for the resilience of our boys who have had to cope with unprecedented events. A strong performance at Class X is just one part of the profile of a BCS education.   Every boy at BCS develops an independence and range of qualities and inter-personal skills in our boarding community which allow them to stand out and thrive when they leave school’

BCS exams during the pandemic in the Irwin Hall

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