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BCS students inspired by Space Exploration with US Professor Dr Rohan Sood (Old Cottonian)

31 May 2022

BCS students inspired by Space Exploration with US Professor Dr. Rohan Sood (OC)

This weekend (29 May 2022) Bishop Cotton School (BCS) Shimla, Class VI students and above were lucky to have a guest lecture from Dr. Rohan Sood, (Old Cottonian) who visited the campus from the United States of America.  Dr. Rohan Sood, originally from Rampur Bushahr, is an Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, and serves as the Director of The University of Alabama‚Äôs Astrodynamics and Space Research Laboratory.

Dr. Sood was keen to stress that everything he first learnt at BCS in Physics lectures and laboratory along with Mathematics, forms the foundation of his work and research. He met up with his old Physics teacher Mr. George Subhash Chander who is still teaching physics to boys at BCS today. (*see photo attached)

The Professor stressed to the Cottonians that working hard in Maths, Physics, and Computer Science would set them up well for research into space exploration. Dr. Sood mentioned that current technology limits what we can achieve in space exploration beyond our solar system, and it would be their generation that will take technology even further to design missions destined for exploring the galaxy and other solar systems.

One of the space missions the Professor has been working on is the solar sail technology that will explore a near-Earth asteroid (NEA). This mission, called NEA Scout, will help us better understand the origins of our solar system and that of our planet Earth by studying the materials that form the asteroids. Another subject that intrigued the students was investigating materials that can start to repair themselves if damaged while in space.

The BCS boys very much enjoyed his talk and gave him an extended clap at the end to show their appreciation.

BCS Physics teacher Mr Chander with Dr Rohan Sood.

Dr Rohan Sood (Old Cottonian)

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