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BCS Shimla celebrates 75th Independence Day

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla (BCS) celebrated India’s 75th Independence Day (15 August 2022) with a special flag hoisting ceremony on the school’s first flat. 

Through the monsoon rain the school community gathered together to raise the Indian flag and sing the Indian National Anthem.  The flag fluttered proudly on Shimla’s highest flagpole at the heritage school that was established in 1859.

Bishop Cotton School is an institution rooted in history and tradition. Over decades, its alumni have included some of the most distinguished men in India and elsewhere. From the uniformed services to administrators, from businessmen and industrialists, to authors and actors, Bishop Cotton School has nurtured nascent talents and helped them come to fruition.  This is a school that provides a child with a firm foundation to look capably and confidently to a global role in the years to com.

Please see our YouTube clip here of the ceremony:

(filming credit Mr Reuben John)

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