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BCS SCUBA divers aspire to go deeper

Bishop Cotton School (BCS), Shimla has had the swimming pool open for action again this year after it remained closed during lockdown when only the Langurs went swimming. The school teaches all the pupils the importance of learning to swim.  

Cottonians have been especially keen to get back into the pool and out of the classrooms this year and now 125 lucky boys (ranging from Class 3 upwards) have been trained in a basic SCUBA diving foundation course.  Learning to use the breathing apparatus, sign language and safety tips for underwater diving. 

This will equip the boys to explore the wonders of the deep sea in future years and help lead onto further diving courses.  Through scuba diving, children learn how to be mindful of themselves, control their breathing and nerves as enjoy their environment.

Commander Rajiv Sardana (Retd.) and his wife Archana have been training Cottonians in Shimla for the past 10 years running Scuba diving courses then taking the students onto beautiful locations around the world to see wonders of the ocean.  BCS was the first school to run these SCUBA courses with location trips in India, and holds the record for the most students trained in one school.

Commander Rajiv Sardana said: “The boys will discover another dimension going to an underwater world.  It will give them such confidence in mastering land, air and sea.”

SCUBA means: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

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