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BCS holds Speech and Drama Competition

Day 2 concludes the competition

B. L. Modi Memorial Inter-School English Elocution Competition 2022

Eight local schools from Shimla came together for joyous performances on stage over a two-day event at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla (15 and 16 July 2022).  This is the 24th year the event has been running at BCS in memory of Mr B L Modi – a young Maths teacher who suddenly passed away.  The Chief guests were:  Mrs. Poonam Chauhan (an Ex-BCS teacher) and Miss Neelam Bali (Psychology Lecturer) with the guest of honour Mrs Minu Sud (Ex-BCS Teacher).

The event saw some of the brightest young talents in Shimla performing.  There were high and lows, drama and emotion, laughter and tears as the children performed their poetry and dramatic extracts to a packed audience in the Irwin Hall.  There was also singing and dance performances as the judges had the difficult job of rounding up the scores and picking the Best Speaker and Most Promising Speaker of each division.

The first day saw the junior school children (Classes 3-8) reciting expressive poetry and prose including the famous speech by freedom fighter Martin Luther King and Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ speech.

The second day saw the senior children (Class 9) performing moving dramas including some difficult Shakespeare monologues.  The Open Division saw the oldest children in Classes 11 and 12 giving moving speeches on a subject they had just been given in the morning.  Subjects ranged from the Safety of Women in Society, Democracy in a Modern World, Movies v Books to the pursuit of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

All the children were awarded prizes and all were champions on the day for taking part in a nerve racking event after such a long break due to lockdown, well done participants.

Background, information and results

Participating Schools: Auckland House School for Boys, Auckland House School for Girls, Chapslee School, Convent of Jesus and Mary, DAV School, Saint Thomas School, Shimla Public School and Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Five Divisions:

Day 1: Junior Division : Poetry (Class 3,4 and 5),  Intermediate Division (A) : Poetry (Class 6 and7), Intermediate Division (B) : Prose (Class 8)

Day 2: Senior Division : Drama (Classes 9 and 10) and Open Division : Turn-Coat (Classes 11 and 12)

 Competition Results

 Junior Division

Best Speaker- Vibhavri Dhaulta , Convent of Jesus and Mary

Most Promising Speaker 1 – Kushagra Agrawal, Bishop Cotton School

Most Promising Speaker 2 – Yayin Papta,   Auckland House School

Intermediate Division A ( Poetry)

Best Speaker –  Suhani Rana, Convent of Jesus and Mary

Most Promising Speaker 1 – Vaishnavi Sharma, Convent of Jesus and Mary

Most Promising Speaker 2 – Nivedita Modka , DAV School, New Shimla

Intermediate Division B ( Poetry) Joint:

Best Speaker – Radhika Sharma, Shimla  Public School

Best Speaker – Aaron Kennedy  Bishop Cotton School  Shimla

Most Promising Speaker 1 – Rushan Dokania, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Most Promising Speaker 2 – Aaradhya Gautam, Shimla Public School

Joint winners – Radhika and Aaron share the Best Speaker awards

Senior Division ( Drama)

Best Speaker : Venya Dutta – Convent of Jesus and Mary

                         Khushi Dewan – Convent of Jesus and Mary

                         Aarkin Sharma – DAV Public School, New Shimla

Most Promising Speaker 1:  Neha Naaz – Shimla Public School

Most Promising Speaker 2 : Tanishka Singh – Auckland House School

                                                 Kabir Sharma – Bishop Cotton School

                                                Hemansh Mehta – Auckland House School for Boys

Open Division ( Declamation)

Best Speaker: Devika Kainthla – DAV Public School, New Shimla

                                                     Naunidha Singh Sawhney – Bishop Cotton School

Most Promising Speaker 1: Akarshita – DAV Public School

Most Promising speaker 2: Ananya Sood  – Auckland House School

Background of the B L Modi Competition

Objective: The aim of this competition is to encourage good English-speaking as an

essential skill and an area of interest, at least two prizes will be awarded for each Division,

Best Speaker and Most Promising Speaker. It also aims to provide a platform for the school

students of Shimla to meet, interact and learn from each other.

Mr. B. L. Modi served as a teacher in Bishop Cotton School from October 1966 to July 1982.

He was the Head of Department for Mathematics. He was also Housemaster of Ibbetson

House. Mr. Modi was known for his punctuality and good turnout. He was very popular among

Old Cottonians and the Board of Governors of the school. His lessons in Geometry were

very well known and students had great regard for him. Mr. Modi, unfortunately, left us very

suddenly in 1982, but his great legacy of knowledge and dedication lives on in the school

and among his students. This competition has been initiated by the school in his memory

and will continue to remind us and inspire us of his service to the school and to the students

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