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BCS Hindi Speech and Drama Competition


Our BCS Hindi Elocution competition was held on 19th and 20th of July, 2022 in the Litster Hall by the Department of Hindi Language and Literature, BCS.

Well done to all our Hindi poetry contestants

Results are in:-

Class III: 1st Angad Lather Rivaz, 2nd Riaan Madan Ibbetson, 3rd Jayesh Garg Curzon

Class IV: 1st Bhuvanyu Gaur Rivaz, 2nd Aarav Asrani Curzon, 3rd Harshit Kataria Lefroy

Class V: 1st Viraat Anand Ibbetson, 2nd Riyaan Dogra Rivaz, 3rd Shourya S.P. Curzon &

Samrat M. Lefroy

Class VI: 1st Siddharth D.S.Negi Lefroy, 2nd Devansh Singhal Ibbetson, 3rd Gurkiran Singh Curzon

Class VII: 1st Abhaynoor Curzon & Neetiraj Singh Rivaz & Shourya Sood Rivaz

2nd Lavansh Agarwal Ibbetson & Jatin Kumar Curzon

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