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BCS celebrating 2023 ISC & ICSE board results

The Bishop Cotton School 2022 batch are enjoying their ‘moment in the sun’ following yesterday’s publication of ISC results. The year group of 37 boys, celebrated a number of excellent results and the boys will now head off to university courses around the globe.

Naunidha Singh Sawhney’s score of 97.8% represented a fitting end to his BCS career from which he can demonstrate a stunning set of achievements both inside and outside the classroom. A true ‘Renaissance man’ with a cv that stretches to six sides of A4, Naunidha has developed a reputation as a formidable debater, a versatile actor and a determined mountaineer who summited Mount Yunam (6111m) last year. Naunidha can now choose between ‘state of the art’ Computing/AI courses at North Eastern, Purdue, Virginia Tech and Michigan. Fellow topper Debargho (95.5%) who is also headed stateside is also a Yunam summiteer and one of the five boys, all studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths who headed the BCS results table with scores of +92%.

Director Simon Weale commented ‘All of our 2022 batch have lived away from home and developed the soft skills of getting on with others that are so essential in the outside world. However, they have a resilience that few of their peers will have from a regime that involves exposure to a range of creative activities, regular competition and daily exercise and sport. It is no coincidence that BCS has produced 6 MLAs in the current HP government, a current IPL player, a leading NASA Astrophysicist, a recently appointed state Chief Justice, India’s favourite children’s author, and countless leaders of science and engineering, industry, medicine, the armed forces and public service’.

Meanwhile, the Class X students are enjoying their results which included 26 of the batch scoring +89%. Admissions for Class XI are about to close and the boys will rejoin the school for Class XI induction on 22nd May. They will begin the year with a series of workshops on preparing for university applications and the chance to team up with notable OC alumni to receive work placements and bespoke mentoring.

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