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BCS celebrates 164th Annual Sports and Athletics Day 2023, Shimla

Cottonians show their strength, bravery and sporting skills

Saturday 30th September 2023

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla (BCS) celebrated its 164th Sports Day 2023 showcasing the Cottonian boys’ skills, strength and fitness.  The Captain of Sport Daksh started the ceremony by lighting the flame of the BCS Olympic torch. The event celebrates the school’s philosophy of character development through exposure to team sports and extra-curricular activities.

The overall sports award was won on points by Lefroy House, who won the Challenge and Proficiency Cup.  The Victor Ludorum (*best sportsman of the day) for the day was firstly awarded Kabir M, Class X from Rivaz House whose father was also at the school as an Old Cottonian.  His father Mr Mansukhani, OC said “I have seen a huge change in my son and it is all down to the teachers and guidance they have given him here at Bishop Cotton School, I thank them all.” Later, after the events were over another contender for the cup came forward, Sarthak.

The Director of Bishop Cotton School, Mr Simon Weale, a former first-class cricketer, said ‘This event celebrates the major role sport has in the life of every young Cottonian.  Our boys are constantly challenged in a range of activities that develop their character and prepares them for life beyond the school gates.  We are absolutely committed to providing our boys with world class opportunities and facilities in order for them to reach their potential’

The boys were led by the captains of their Houses and were acknowledged by the Chief Guest, Mr. Vivek Bhatia (I.A.S), Pr. Private Secretary/Special Secretary to Honourable Chief Minister, H.P.

One of the highlights of the day was the daring ‘hoop of fire’ display.  Cottonian gymnasts have been in training for months for this daredevil event which involves jumping through a blazing ‘hoop of fire’ and landing in a forward roll. It requires strength, bravery and timing. Mr Bhatia praised all the sportsmen involved and was especially impressed the boys’ level of fitness and bravery. He also congratulated the school band and said it was one of the best he had heard in a school.

As a heritage school, many of the traditional routines have been in place since its foundation in 1859 by Bishop George Cotton.  Students wake up early for physical training (PT) every day and take part in seventeen sports including shooting, boxing, rock climbing, swimming and obstacles in the school’s forest. BCS boys have recently toured the UK to play cricket and Thailand and Singapore to play football.

The Sports Day events include a gymnastics and yoga display by the junior school, PT and marching competitions, long jump, high jump, discus and javelin throwing and, of course, the many track events fiercely contested between the four different houses.   

The impressive parade highlights team work and discipline of the students. 

Sports Day 2023 participants

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