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BCS Board of Governors’ 555th Meeting

The Board of Governors were pleased to hold their first physical meeting in Shimla since 2019. The Board’s 555th meeting. 

The Board members act as trustees of Bishop Cotton School ensuring the school lives up to its mission statement, and is chaired by Rt Rev Bishop P K Samantaroy.  Amongst the eminent members of the Board are OCs Mr D C Anand, Justice Saron (former High Court Judge ) and Mr Anil Mehra (former CFO of India Today).  As you might expect, there are several leading educationalists on the board including Dr Amrita Dass and the Headmaster of Bristol Grammar School, UK, Mr Jaideep Barot. 

On Saturday, the members were joined for the first time by the DC Shimla Mr A Negi. Amongst the interesting topics considered by the Board were the planned building of a new heated indoor swimming pool, the organisation of the forthcoming 25th anniversary celebration of the Slater Debates, and the proposed introduction of international qualifications alongside the CISCE exams already offered by the school.

The faculty took part in a workshop run by The Chairman of the board, The Rt Rev Bishop P K Samantaroy with his daughter Preeta in the Library. A new academic office was inaugurated by Mrs Rita Wilson (former HM of Auckland House School).

The Governors as seen in the photo outside the main school building below, from left to right: Dr Sudhir Joseph, Mr Parwez Kaul, Dr Amrita Dass, Mr Anil Mehra, The Rt Rev Bishop P K Samantaroy, Mrs Rita Wilson, Director Simon Weale, Dr Hepesh Shepherd, HM Mathew John, Justice S S Saron.

L to R: Preeta Samantaroy, Dr Amrita Dass, Justice S.S. Saron, Mr Parwez Kaul, Rt Rev Bishop Pradeep K Samantaroy.

Inauguration by Mrs Rita Wilson of the new Academic staff room
Seated round the table Mr Mathew John, Head Master, Mr Anil Mehra, Mr Hepesh Shepherd and Mr Simon Weale Director.
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  1. Brig JS Bhullar

    Great to See The School T H R I V I N G …. God Bless n Good Luck – jogi bhullar ’48 – 51 ; Mrs Nanavati’s Lilinthgow n Mr MH Murray’s Curzon …. Left to Join RIMC ….

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