Phone: +91-78077-36880 (Admissions Only)
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Phone: +91-78077-36880 (Admissions Only)
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Admission Process

Bishop Cotton is a boys’ school affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Technically a CBSE Class X candidate, or one from any other board, subject to his results and approval of the ISC Council, can join an ISC School if the school is able to admit him.  We will also be introducing the Cambridge board for 2023 which will give students international opportunities.

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla will be holding physical admissions tests for recruitment into the school for the next academic year. We currently have long waiting lists into the Middle School year groups and it is advisable to take entry into the school before then to avoid disappointment. 

To register contact or call: 078077 36880 our admissions line. You can also contact the school during office hours on: (0177) 262 0880 (6 lines). Locations to take the Admissions test include: Delhi, Shimla, Mumbai and Kolkata


Candidates applying for the Junior and Middle schools will be asked to complete a written English compostion and will then take a Maths test.  This is to assess their ability in these subjects and where improvements can be made. Each applicant will then be individually interviewed, in English, by their head of section, or older students by the Headmaster to find out their dreams and aspirations.  Parents will be asked to meet the Director, Head of School, Mr Simon Weale for a short chat.  We would encourage parents to remember children are coming to BCS to make friends and enjoy boarding life.  

Director Simon Weale explained ‘We have been looking to develop our entrance process because we are looking for students who show promise not just in the classroom, but in every sphere of activity. The current crisis has acted as a catalyst for change. Our academic leaders have considerable experience in drawing the best out of each child and they will ensure that the interview is a positive and rewarding experience for each child’. 

Entry Points

Our academic session begins after the winter break in February and ends on 30th November. The usual entry points are Classes III to V. Candidates may apply for places in Classes VI-IX, but these are always limited in availability. Places will be awarded subject to candidates reaching the pass mark in each subject and thereafter based on strict merit rating order and subject to availability. If places are not immediately available any candidate of the requisite merit rating will be placed on a waiting list in strict merit rating order.

Test Criteria

The test will usually comprise of 40 minutes written tests in English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Awareness. There will also be a reading assessment and a verbal and non-verbal assessment to see if your child is prepared to cope with life in a residential school. There is no syllabus for the test, neither are sample question papers available. At the time of registration, a Frame of Reference for the class concerned is forwarded to applicants and the entrance test is based on this.

Test Centres

Normally the entrance tests are conducted from September in Shimla and Delhi and now Mumbai and Kolkata for Class 3 boys upwards. If any student is too far away or abroad we can arrange an online interview process for admission to the school. We do have students coming to Shimla from all over the globe. To register and get further information contact or call: 078077 36880.




The Application Process


Apply or ring: 078077 36880 (office hours)


Take Entrance Exam & complete Interview process


Join our exclusive Cottonian club in beautiful Shimla

Applying for a Class XI

Fee Schedule For Academic Year 2023

Admission Fee                  :              Rs. 65,000/-

Caution Money                 :              Rs. 3,00,000/- (Refundable)

School Fee Class 3 – 10  :              Rs. 5,85,000/- Per Annum   

School Fee Class 11-12   :              Rs. 6,25,000/- Per Annum   


New Admissions

Class (3 – 10)

Class 11



 Admission fee

Rs. 65,000/-

Rs. 65,000/-

1st Term payable (A+B+C+D)

class 3-10             Rs. 7,90,000/-


class 11              Rs. 8,30,000/-


Caution money  (Rs 25000/- will be deducted towards the OCA Lifelong Membership fee.  The Balance Rs. 2.75 lacs will be refunded at the time of leaving school.)       

Rs. 3,00,000/-

Rs 3,00,000/-


Imprest Account(Advance against personal billing)

Rs. 80,000/-

Rs. 80,000/-


1st Term Fee       

Rs. 3,45,000/-

Rs. 3,85,000/-







2nd Term Fee   


Rs. 2,40,000/-

Rs. 2,40,000/-

2nd Term payable Rs. 2,40,000/-



Rs. 10,30,000/-

Rs. 10,70,000/-


*Rs 25000/- will be deducted towards the OCA Lifelong Membership fee.  The Balance Rs. 2.75 lacs will be refunded at the time of leaving school.

**Advance against billing

  1. Pocket money (Classes 3-5): 5,000/-  to be deposited along with the fees
  2. Pocket money (Classes 6-12): 10,000/- to be deposited in the UCO Bank, Extension Counter in the boy’s personal account, through the House Master/Matron on the day of joining.

Banking Details

The school fee is payable in two installments through bank transfer only to the following school account :


CURRENT A/C NO- 50200039445899


CURRENT A/C NO- 19710200000001


CURRENT A/C NO- 36309229393
IFSC- SBIN0004122

(Kindly press ctrl button and click on the above link for online payment)




A/c  No. 921010028527144,

IFSC: UTIB0000050.