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After they graduate the destination for most Cottonians is university. As well as some of India’s most prestigious universities our leavers increasingly look abroad and popular destinations include the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia

Old Cottonian Association

Bishop Cotton School has produced Ambassadors, UN Contingent Commanders, Politicians, Generals, Admirals, Air Marshals, Industrialists, Authors, Actors, prominent Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, Civil Servants and a Chief Minister. Old Cottonians have won national gold medals in air rifle shooting, boxing and taekwondo. 

They have broken the national broad jump record, and the national air rifle shooting record (1998). They have gained international caps in hockey and cricket, and they have won on the US PGA tour. Former pupils have been awarded many honours and Major Roy Farran (Curzon) was the most highly decorated British soldier in the Second World War. Many Cottonians have also made the supreme sacrifice in defending their country.

Jeev Milkha Singh,

International Golfer and Old Cottonian

Boarding school life is a special phase. It teaches you to be independent, to fend for yourself and if you make a mistake you have to learn to correct it yourself. It also teaches you determination and makes you an all-round personality. Since each boarding school has different houses there is a strong tradition of intense competition
between these houses, especially in sports. There is also great camaraderie between students as it’s like an extended family. Spending morning to evening together for most part of the year, students especially classmates end up having a special bond for life. All these qualities later contribute in achieving success in life.”

Sujay Sanan

Artist and Old Cottonian

BCS believed in me even when I was not sure about what I believed in. That sort of support is special and opened opportunities that I could only dream of.