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26th BCS Slater Debates teach conflict resolution

The sixteen debating teams have now assembled at Bishop Cotton School (BCS), Shimla and are preparing for some intense intellectual battles at the forthcoming 26th Annual Slater Debates – Thursday 26th October to Tuesday 31st October – hosted on the BCS campus. 

BCS Director, Simon Weale, stressed in the chapel service before the competition started: ‘It is more important than ever – especially in light of the destructive conflicts currently taking place in Gaza, the Ukraine and Armenia, that young people learn how to ‘disagree agreeably’ and to resolve problems through the power of argument – not violence.’

The Slater Debates are named in honour of the first headmaster – Rev Dr Samuel Slater who led BCS from 1863-1885.  This prestigious competition attracts the best debating schools from across India.  Last year the girls of La Martiniere, Kolkata emerged victorious.

The BCS debating teams have been working hard to consolidate their knowledge and sharpen their technique in preparation for the tough competition that lies ahead. Marks are given to the teams for their style, speed, tone, volume, diction, fluency and clarity, delivery and of course the quality of their arguments.

BCS is one of the oldest residential boys’ schools in Asia (founded 1859) and has played a key part in shaping the development of public schools and education in India as well as producing a host of well-known and successful alumni.  


Images: The BCS Slater Debates teams assemble for the start of the competition in front of the main Bishop Cotton School.

16 Slater Debates Participating Teams

1.La Martiniere For Girls, Kolkata

2.La Martiniere For Girls, Lucknow 

3.Mallinson Girls School,Srinagar       

4.Mayo College, Ajmer   

5.St.James’ School,Kolkata

6.St.Thomas’ Girls School,New  


8.The Assam Valley School,Assam

9.TheCathedralandJohnConnonSchool, Mumbai

10.The Sri Ram School, Aravali

11.Tyndale Biscoe School,Srinagar

12.Auckland House School, Shimla

13.Auckland House School for Boys ,Shimla

14.Covent Of Jesus And Mary,Chelsea,Shimla

15.Loreto Convent ,Tara Hall,Shimla

16.Bishop Cotton School,Shimla


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