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2022 BCS Boxing Champions

The Inter House Boxing championships was conducted over a span of nearly a month, after weeks of training with our BCS boxing instructors. Well done to all our brave BCS boxing champions for taking part this year, but it was Rivaz House that won the overall boxing trophy at the finals. Thanks goes to the whole Sports team under Director Gurpreet Singh together with the instructors, referees and judges.

Medals waiting for the prize giving

The finals were held on Friday 30 September, our chief guests were welcomed back to school as Old Cottonians COLONEL ADITYA VERMA Sena Medal (Gallantry) OC and Guest of Honour, his brother, COLONEL PRAGYA VERMA Sena Medal (Gallantry) OC. Both remembered clearly their time during the boxing season at school.

HM Mr John with guests, brothers and Old Cottonians Colonels Verma, Mr Bhardwaj and Mr Praveen Dhama.

The whole school takes part in the boxing season at BCS, other than those boys signed off for medical reasons. It is part of the tradition of the school that has run for many years and we believe is very character building as it also teaches the boys about self defence.

A total of 270 boxing bouts were held during games times with each boy giving it their best to move on to the next level whilst learning the rules and regulations. 

Most of the finals were very interesting to watch as each Cottonian wanted to do his best and win for his house. Each boy felt the highs and lows of the boxing ring, as points were won with skill as the school watched the matches with great excitement, cheering on their batchmates loudly.

The band played motivating the boxers to their corners of red and blue – along with their ‘seconds’ dressed all in white, who helped them with their headgear, gloves and boxing advice between the 3 rounds.

Results and prizes:

Headmaster’s special trophies

1. Gunsahib Singh R

2. Arnav Kakkar L

3. Abhaynoor Singj  C

4. Srijit Halder I

Director’s Special trophies 

1.Yazat Rao    C

2 Sheezan Ali  R

3.Sumant Jain C

4.Shrey Agarwal  R

Best Boxer Junior school – Riyansh Dogra    R

Best Looser Junior school  – Amrit Raj  I

Most Promising  Boxer Junior School – Yashraj Singh — C

Best Boxer  Middle School –  Koroungba Raj Kumar  -C

Best Looser  Middle school  – Deven Garg – L

Most Promising Boxer  Middle School– Dwayne Johnson    -I

Best Looser  Main school– Prabhal Pratap Singh – C

Most Promising Boxer  Main school  – Ketan Vohra — R

R S SAWHNEY  memorial Trophy

For the most Scientific Boxer  2022 won by Arjun Kalia –R

House trophies 

Junior School Proficiency cup – Lefroy House

Junior School Challenge Cup – shared by Ibbetson and Lefroy House 

Main school Proficiency Cup – Rivaz House 

Main School Challenge Cup  – Rivaz

Overall Positions 

Rivaz – First, Curzon -Second, Ibbetson – Third, Lefroy – Fourth.

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