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BCS 2002 Batch 20 year Reunion

Author Mohnish Kapur 2022

This is the first time I am writing for the school and I am proud to write about a great evening. We boys from the 2002 batch celebrated our 20th reunion with some of our Great Gurus of life “our teachers”.

Firstly, I would like to say these member of school who we call teachers, are the best people I know till date, they are humble, selfless, very experienced and great guidance providers. I call them Gurus because these are the people who have supported us and shaped us back in time in such a way that we become successful in any sphere of life and we achieve what we set ourselves out to achieve.

A little about me :- I, Mohnish Kapur was a student in the Rivaz House from the year 1994 through 2002, I started my life in school as someone who kept to himself as I had never been away from my parents.

Here through schools various activities and disciplines taught by our teachers in different fields of school life, where there was always motivation to believe in ourselves and make better decisions for ourselves, through our teacher’s guidance and support where it was needed.

I achieved to excel in most sports, stage activities and communication and made great friends along my school life, some friends who I created such strong bonds with, were people who really helped me in life in India.

In the year 2012 I moved to the United States, 10 years after passing out of school and I still had no idea what was going to be my future and I started my life as a basic employee in a Subway Restaurant to support my day to day life. I told myself, I have no money or a place to stay but I will create something for my family to come and this confidence was a feeling I earned in school.

I got married in the year 2013, my wife is a Nurse (Neetu Kapur) and She and I worked very hard for few good years, for the first few years we only use to meet on Sundays on the day offs due to our opposite schedules at our work places but we both were working towards our goal of creating something more for our children to come.

We had our son Veer Raj Kapur in March of 2019 and we bought our first Subway restaurant in November 2020, today We are a proud Multi Unit Owners of Subway Restaurants in 3 different cities across 2 states in the United States with the help and selfless support of my wife.

Our then Headmaster – The Great Mr. Kabir Mustafi said something that stuck out in our minds in the School Chapel long time back while he was addressing the full school – “when I meet you after you have passed out of school. I want you to tell me Sir Life is tough but I like it.”

We had no idea what it meant back then. Life is tough. Every minute is tough, if you go out to achieve something in life as there are numerous forces working trying and achieve the same and it’s a hell of a competition.

But we Cottonians are bred differently than most of this world and I only realized this after about 10 -15 years of passing out of school. When you finally open your eyes and realize the world we live in, for some it maybe earlier or later, we all walk a different Time table of life, but we all prevail though hardships and create great worlds in our own little worlds we call life.

These teachers “Gurus” have embedded this DNA in us that we go all out on our paths of our life and we succeed, we don’t bring work at home and home life to our work, we learnt this back in school.

We were taught, when you are in the field- do or die, as soon as you are off the field, you should be best friends. We learned how to control temperament back then.

So back to the party and the reunion details :-

My batch mates and I are in group of watsapp created by one of the best of us Dhruv Nangia, where we discussed to have a reunion for our batch as it was 20 years since we passed out off School.

Somehow things were not finalizing, but it occurred to me to host a party in Ludhiana, Punjab where I am originally from and was visiting after about 4 years due to covid restrictions in India.

Somehow I requested our batch mates and some of our school teachers and most of them made it to honor us all with creating newer memories of togetherness.

Following were the one who attended:-

2002 batch who attended :-
Dhruv Nangia
Inderpal Singh Chatha
Abhay Thakur
Jasdeep Singh Goraya
Ketan Mahajan
Mohsin Sachdeva
Shahab Ahmed
Sahil Bhasin
Rohit Saharan
Pulkit Doger
Bunkim Chadha
Sumeet Singha
Piyush Mehta (Mango)
Christopher Sunny Kumar
Tirath Singh Grewal
Nitin Jagota
Abhay Kharinta
Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Others who were in Ludhiana, Seniors and Juniors :-

Sidharth Bedi
Sammy Khangura
Javed Grewal
Sunil Tiwari
Sidharth Jaithwani
Taranvir Singh Guron
Zailinder Shoor
Kunal Ahuja

Teachers :-

Mr. Kabir Mustafi
Mr. MP John
Mr. Stanley Vinod Kumar
Mr. Vijay Bhardwaj
Mrs. Monica Bhardwaj
Mr. Dinesh Thakur
Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Mrs. Anjna Mohindru
Mr. & Mrs. Ranjeet Singh Dhaliwal

This was a great attendance and we were able to have a great reunion in the city of Ludhiana, Punjab. The hotel where I hosted is also owned by a really great OC Javed Grewal (Hotel Grewalz) a Signature Hotelier of Ludhiana, who made sure to accommodate us and provide us with a great arrangement and with a great and dedicated staff team, that looked after our entire stay for the night and day.

The party started at 8pm, where we met all Oc’s and Teachers and interacted and had fun while talking about life and memories l, while creating new ones.

The party was a great success and a special shout out to Javed Grewal, Dhruv Nangia, Inderpal Singh Chatha and Mohsin Sachdeva for helping in arranging and supporting the event a great success.

Once again it was a great evening, which we all cherished in each others company, many actually meeting after 20 years and shared a great evening by remembering our time in school, while creating newer memories to cherish.

Signing off now.

Mohnish Kapur
Rivaz House
2002 batch

2 Responses
  1. Madhu Kapoor

    It was a great pleasure to meet all your Teachers & your friends as well as their better half & children. May God bless you all with health,happiness & keep on celebrating each other with the reunions.💕💕

  2. Atanu Roy

    Great to see my former colleagues and dear students. Wish I could be part of this reunion celebration! Nevertheless, good wishes to Monish Kapoor and all the members for making it a great success.

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