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ICSE/ISC Council Affiliation Registration No. HP 004
School Registration Code 02111501902

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Bishop Cotton School is the second best amongst boys boarding school in India; and third best boarding School in the Country and first best boarding School in Himachal Pradesh according to the EW-C Fore India’s Most Respected School Survey 2011. BCS is the first school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as part of its adventure activities.
Rivaz House

Rivaz House Rivaz House takes its name from Sir Charles Rivaz, who was the Governor of Punjab from 1903 to 1907.

Rivaz House did not have a motto till 1935.

The House color is Cambridge Blue, which is a light blue. It was taken from the school colors which are 'Light Blue' and 'Dark Blue'.

The first House Captain was E.R. Lewis in 1908.




Mr. Praveen Dharma