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Bishop Cotton School is the second best amongst boys boarding school in India; and third best boarding School in the Country and first best boarding School in Himachal Pradesh according to the EW-C Fore India’s Most Respected School Survey 2011. BCS is the first school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as part of its adventure activities.

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For the first time, last year (1998), two Cottonians , school staff and staff of DMAS Manali ent to the base camp of Leo – Parigyal (6791M) the 2nd Highest peak of HP we have been very anxious to climb and reach the summit of Leo – Parigyal.

This year (1999) in April a group of boys with staff escorts went for a vasic mountaineering course in the DMAS Manali. They had passed the test successfully and were challenged to climb Leo – Parigyal.

On the 6th of June after a special Chapel service and a flag off ceremony by the Govermor of HP, the expedition team started off for Narkanda.

The expedition was led by Mr. Rajeev Sharma. Everester and the Chief Instructor of DMAS Manali. This was the 1st  expedition in the School history.

The team underwent rigorous training for about one year under the overall supervision of Brig D.K. Khullar, who led Bachhendri Pal to Mount Everest in 1983.

After a round of hectic travelling through Narkanda, pooh and finally to Nako, the team successfully set up a Case Camp at a height of 16500ft to get acclimatised.

Through lost of difficulty the team was able to reach camp-1 (18000ft) and camp-2 (20000ft), before climbing the summit, not withstanding the cold and all the heavy load. The dangers of Mountaineering were many. In the course of the expedition the weather had also not been very good always. In the cold everyone had to pitch his own tent and many a time there were few sleepless nights because of the weather.

On the 21st June, we have to leave the camp for summit but the weather was not favourable. Wind was blowing with the speed of 100 km/h. Although after a long time of struggling four Cottonians , a member of our staff and the members of  DMAS Manali under the leadership of Mr. Rajeev Sharma and one HAP, finally reached the summit at 2.45p.m. It braved strong icy winds to conquer the Peak.

Finally, the team reached back in the School on the 25th of June safely by the grace of HIM. We all welcomed in the school warmly. This was great achievement in the School History.


School Team Members:

  1. Mr. Rnjeet Singh Dhaliwal
  2. Mr. Shushil Thakur
  3. Mr. Shyam Singh
  4. A.R. Bhandari
  5. Chimit Yurgyal
  6. V.S. Rathore
  7. Rohit Chauhan
  8. Ajay Bodh
  9. M.H.A. Khan
  10. V. Negi


Laldin Kima Sailo
Vth Form