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ICSE/ISC Council Affiliation Registration No. HP 004
School Registration Code 02111501902

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Bishop Cotton School is the second best amongst boys boarding school in India; and third best boarding School in the Country and first best boarding School in Himachal Pradesh according to the EW-C Fore India’s Most Respected School Survey 2011. BCS is the first school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as part of its adventure activities.

The school has a hospital with full-time two medical staff on campus and one attendant, which is available 24x7 for medical consultation and services. The School takes services of one visiting Doctor who comes thrice a week and in case of any emergency he can be called at any odd hours.

The school hospital has twenty beds with, and is equipped with facilities like television, music system and a library.

The medical staffs also provide services like regular visits to classrooms for distribution of medicines and identification of any possible medical emergencies and problems.
The special care given to sick and ailing children in the hospital includes a diet as per the individual needs of the admitted children.

The hospital also has an in-house pharmacy for regular supply of medicines.

For special emergency services, the school has an arrangement with the Govt. Hospital and nearby private Hospital in New Shimla. This facility is just 10-15 minutes away, and is accessible 24 hours a day.

Visiting Doctor: Dr. K. K. Jain
Nsg. Sister Rose Mary Kaul
Nsg. Male Nursing Assistant Mr. Raj Kumar