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ICSE/ISC Council Affiliation Registration No. HP 004
School Registration Code 02111501902

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Bishop Cotton School is the second best amongst boys boarding school in India; and third best boarding School in the Country and first best boarding School in Himachal Pradesh according to the EW-C Fore India’s Most Respected School Survey 2011. BCS is the first school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as part of its adventure activities.

The Bayliss Co-curricular Programme
The school actively encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular activities  which equip the students with skills which will help them to be accomplished in any field that they enter.  Debating and elocution are extremely popular and the school trains and polishes students in public speaking.  The Slater Debates are held at BCS and attract school teams from all over the country and is reputed to be the best  competition in the school debating circuit in India.
Drama and other stage activities are performed every year and the whole student body participates in inter-house competitions, besides a host of other programmes on stage. 
Music is close to the heart of every Cottonian and facilities exist at school for teaching Indian vocal and instrumental music, western vocal and instrumental music, brass band and choir.  The School Band, ‘The Sphinx’ consists of the best musicians who hold concerts for various occasions and also host the Annual Music Fest ‘Sparks’ which attracts school bands from different places..
Students are also trained in operating and maintaining of sound and light equipment.
The Nature Club, Meteorological Club, Creative Writing Club, Middle School Book Reading Club,  Automobile Club and The Quizzing Club also contribute to developing varied interests in the students.
The school by foundation and tradition accords great importance to spiritual growth.  The school teaches the students respect for all religions and the morning Chapel is used to inculcate this.  The Chaplain, the House Masters, House Tutors help in this process.  All the festivals are celebrated together to sensitise the children to  culture and traditions.